Fixed Fee Quotation & fee proposals

Fixed Fee Design & support of documentation services will be charged in agreement with the submitted proposal based on the agreed scope of work. 

Freelance Services: 

Freelance Design & support of documentation services will be charged at the agreed hourly rate following instruction by the Client or Client’s Representative.

The Designer will charge for all services in relation to the requested brief and record time and resources against each project on an individual project basis.     


Offers are based on the works being carried out under our standard contract conditions.

Whilst every care is taken to understand the extent of a project brief at initial instruction, it is understood that in the role of Freelance Designer we may be working with limited survey, photographic or end-user information, therefore queries and concerns may arise leading to additional service and time extensions. 

All proposal documents remain the copyright of Amiri-Dukes Consultancy  and the contents must not be divulged to any third party without our consent regardless of the proposal being accepted.

We assume standard hours of working of 8am -6pm.  We will be pleased to provide for alternative arrangements but must reserve the right to amend our price and/or programme.

Agreed travel expenses will be charged for along with any other additional disbursements 

Amiri-Dukes Consultancy can not be held accountable for the accuracy of drawings produced from information provided by the Client, including (but not Exclusively) 

Conversion of PDF drawings

Production of drawings based on Measured Surveys provided by the Client or 3rd Parties

Amiri-Dukes Consultancy  will not provide the following services which will be the responsibility of others:  (unless agreed otherwise / on a project by project basis)

Measured Building Survey

Asbestos Survey

Conditions Survey

Acoustic Design

Structural Design

Mechanical & Electrical Design

Building Regulations

Planning Permission

Project Budgeting or Financial Requirements 

Payment Terms

Invoices will be submitted for project hours recorded at the end of each calendar month and payment of invoices are due within 14 days of the date of invoice.